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Wa Wa table

Wa Wa table

Catellani & Smith

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Minimal and timeless, the Wa Wa table lamp combines elegance with technology; it has a very discreet presence, but once turned on it reveals a spectacular optical effect: the spherical lenses that cover the light sources create luminous halos that are reflected on the wall.

Wa Wa thus becomes a real tree of light, an artistic object.

Wa Wa is an ally of energy saving and intelligent lighting; thanks to LED technology, the brightness is functional but never dazzling. The flexible rods of this lamp allow you to direct the light as you like. Thanks to the dimmer, you can also change the lighting. Wa Wa has an excellent, relaxing light (it creates a Zen atmosphere) and suitable for rest, because it reduces the tension of the gaze and spaces. This table lamp has a discreet and ultra-modern presence; it is perfect for all types of furniture.

Light source included INTEGRATED LED.


3x1W LED / dimmer included

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