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Tolomeo LED INTEGRALIS® table

Tolomeo LED INTEGRALIS® table


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The iconic Tolomeo, designed in 1987 by Michele De Lucchi, now integrates INTEGRALIS ® technology which makes our spaces safer by sanitizing the surfaces it illuminates.

Ptolemy INTEGRALIS ® it is equipped with the Pure INTEGRALIS light technology developed by Artemide and patent pending, with the help of which pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and molds present on illuminated surfaces are rendered harmless, inhibiting their growth and diffusion.

The active effect against pathogenic microorganisms is achieved due to a special composition of the light spectrum.
This is perceived as a neutral white with a color temperature of 3600K and very good color rendering. The result is a perfect quality of light output that meets all lighting requirements for workplaces.

INTEGRALIS® technology offers greater security in both the home office and the professional work environment.


  • Length: 78cm
  • Height: 64.5 cm
  • Base diameter: 23cm
  • Maximum extension in height: 129 cm
  • Maximum extension in width: 122 cm
  • Glow wire test: 750°

Light source included INTEGRATED LED .


↙ 3600K
↙ 7W

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