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Tolomeo MAXI terra

Tolomeo MAXI terra


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Tolomeo Maxi differs from Tolomeo Mega in its more generous dimensions: the rod exceeds two meters in height and the diffuser has a diameter of 52cm and is made in the new white parchment paper finish.
It also has only one joint, unlike the two joints of Tolomeo Mega. Tolomeo Maxi is a floor lamp created to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Tolomeo line, the great success and best seller of the Artemide brand.
“The Tolomeo was made to go everywhere, stay everywhere, work everywhere. Now that he's thirty, we also know that he never gets old and that in the future too he will go everywhere, stay everywhere and work everywhere forever!“ Michele De Lucchi.


  • Diameter: 52cm
  • Base diameter: 52cm
  • Glow wire test: 750°
  • Height 250cm

Light source included (E27).


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