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Taraxacum 88

Taraxacum 88


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In 1988 Achille Castiglioni designed the Taraxacum 88 chandelier for Flos , drawing inspiration from the natural world, in particular from the officinal Dandelion, a spherical flower full of transparent stamens, known in jargon as the " head ".
With great skill Castiglioni managed to create the same idea of ​​delicacy and lightness of the flower.
With a daring yet simple technical solution: 20 triangular plates in polished chrome-plated aluminium, assembled in a compact core to each house three luminous globes, for a total of 60 Globolux bulbs.
There are several versions of Taraxacum.
This iconic lamp is ideal for different types of environments such as: meeting areas, large living rooms, reception rooms, meeting rooms, public places,  where intense and diffused lighting is required, represented by a modern and dynamic design lamp.

The light source is excluded (E27)


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