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Sento Sospeso

Sento Sospeso


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Sento suspended is the suspension lamp by Occhio that offers total design freedom and maximum operating comfort in domestic and commercial environments.
Emitting light from one or both sides, it's perfect for use above tables or in hallways.

With 26W »perfect color« LED (in the chrome, bronze, rose gold and phantom finishes) or 32W in the matt versions (white, black, gold matt and silver).

The height is adjustable from a minimum of 50cm to a maximum of 200cm.

The suspension is equipped with Touchless controll technology: the light can be turned on/off, dimmed, directed upwards or downwards with a simple hand control.
Occhio luminaires with double-sided light emission are equipped with separate LEDs, thus allowing independent operation of uplights and downlights. 

The light temperature is adjustable thanks to the »color tune« whether you choose a warm light tone with 2700 Kelvin for relaxing in the evening or a cooler and more energizing light of 4000 Kelvin.
Mount Up and Eye converter
Model D light effect, lens from both sides.

Light source included.


↙ 2700K
↙ 32 W
↙ dimmerabile touchless controll
↙ altezza regolabile

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