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Mito Linear Volo

Mito Linear Volo


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The Mito Volo lamp, like the other Occhio products, can be controlled with a simple gesture, without contact and in an intuitive way thanks to the innovative infrared sensors.

Thanks to the Mito set box included, it is equipped with the innovative »touchless control« system.

With a single gesture of the hand, as well as turning the device on and off, it is possible to select the perfect color temperature, passing from a warm 2700K light to a cooler and more energizing 4000K.

It is also adjustable in height from a minimum of 65cm to a maximum of 165cm.
Up-mount ( with integrated power supply unit for mounting on solid ceilings) .

White ceiling rose.

Light source included.


↙ 2700K-400
↙ 45/60 W
↙ dimmerabile touchless control
↙ perfect color CRI 97
↙ Altezza variabile 65-165cm

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