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Mayfair Minis

Mayfair Minis


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The Mayfair Mini collection from Vibia presents a surprising style contained in a small design, in which the lines and curves highlight the silhouette of each lamp, without forgetting the elegance that distinguishes Mayfair.
This portable version is
equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Ideal to be transported exactly where it is needed, both indoors and outdoors.
A tactile sensor on the base allows it to be switched on and off and the light intensity adjusted.

Rechargeable battery autonomy.
6 hours at maximum intensity. 12 hours at 50% intensity. 24 hours at 25% intensity.

Led 2700K CRI >90 175 lm 70 lm/W

Light source included.


↙ 2700K
↙ 170lm/70lm W

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