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Luccellino table

Luccellino table

Ingo Maurer

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Lucellino Tavolo is the table version of the winged light bulb, designed by Ingo Maurer in 1992 and which has since become a design icon.
Lucellino: The name is a combination of "bird" and "light". The handcrafted goose feather wings are attached directly to the E27 lamp holder.
The opaque bulb is operated with a secondary voltage of 24 Volts.

Until the 1990s, 24 Volt bulbs with standard sockets found use in railway carriages. These special bulbs are now produced exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH and can only be used in the models of the Lucellino family. The red wire is soldered to the bulb. With primary cable and plug for connection to the socket. Not suitable for environments with high humidity.

Light source included


↙ 2000-2700K
↙ 5 W
↙ 380lm

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