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In Vitro Unplugged rechargeable

In Vitro Unplugged rechargeable


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The light that follows you: In Vitro Unplugged by Flos is a bright but silent companion perfect for relaxing evenings but also an elegant decorative element that will add a touch of beauty to your home during the day.
The light emission of the fixture is soft and diffused, thanks to the use of Edge lighting technology which hides the LED sources, uniforming the light inside the opal diffuser.
The lamp is easily transportable thanks to its light weight and colored silicone handle.

The structural parts of the fixture are made of die-cast and extruded aluminium, the body is powder coated and available in various finishes.

Rechargeable via Micro USB-C cable which guarantees continuous emission up to 6 hours. IP20 charger.
Dimmable 5/100÷240V/50-60Hz driver integrated in the body of the fixture with optical touch sensor on the head with light intensity adjustment in 4 dimming steps: 100%-50%-3%-OFF.

Light source included INTEGRATED LED.


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