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Gioia Lettura

Gioia Lettura


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The elegant Mito Gioia floor lamp with LEDs with bilateral light emission is the new marvel of lighting conceived and produced by the German brand Occhio .

Like the entire Mito line, intuitive features such as adjusting the warmth of the light masterfully complete the product experience.
Across the »color tune« it is possible to switch from 2700K to 4000K with a simple wave of the hand. The head is fully adjustable with a 30W wide light beam and the body is adjustable in height.

This "AIR" version includes Bluetooth control integrated in the power supply and controllable functions via Occhio air app or »air« controller (optional), without external adjustment.

Light source included.


↙ color tune 2700-4000K
↙ 30 W
↙ dimmerabile

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