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Flo Desk table

Flo Desk table


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The Flo Desk table lamp represents the very essence of Lumina : "a lot of light, a little lamp".

Its design is a statement of essentiality: the thin cylindrical head and the light but resistant aluminum body are balanced by a round base, also in aluminium.

Flo Desk is ideal when space is a key factor and the light must be directed onto a flat surface.
Recommended for smart-working or simply to enjoy reading a book, Flo Desk is available in standard colors (soft-touch black, matt white, brushed nickel) and in special colors (matt red, matt yellow, metallic bronze and rifle, a particularly captivating finish).

Light source included.


↙ 2700K oppure 3000K
↙ 6 W
↙ 940lm

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