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Flat sospensione

Flat sospensione


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The Flat 5935 e Flat 5940 differ in diameter, the first has a diameter of 40 cm while the second has a diameter of 55 cm .

Both feature horizontal metal discs of different colors that reflect light from their surface.
The lamps, which hang from the ceiling by a cable, are both delicate and graphic and seem to float in space.

5935 Led 2700K CRI >90 1740 lm 128.88 lm/W

5940 Led 2700K CRI >90 1740 lm 128.88 lm/W

Light source included.


↙ 2700K
↙ 1868,9 lm 138,4 lm/W
↙ CRI>90
↙ CAVO 400 cm

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