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Dot 800 suspension

Dot 800 suspension


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Dot 800 is a pendant lamp designed by Foster + Partners for Lumina .

Dot consists of two parallel discs of different sizes, connected in the middle by a thin metal tube. The lower, smaller disc is machined aluminum and contains an optically designed ring of LEDs to project a high amount of light onto the upper 80cm disc.

When switched on, the Dot is a thin and light disk, seemingly suspended in mid-air, which generates an enveloping and shadowless flow of light.

Dot is available in three different diameters and powers: ø60cm (23W), ø80cm (41W), and on request with ø110cm (55W).

There are two finishes: anodized black and anodized brass.

Light source included.


↙ 2700K oppure 3000K
↙ 39 W

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