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Alpha 7940/7942 appliqué

Alpha 7940/7942 appliqué


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Alpha 7940 (on/off switch on the front cover) and Alpha 7942 (without switch) are a series of appliques, designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia , with basic lines but great performance.
Available in matt white lacquer and chrome, matt black lacquer and chrome, black lacquer and matt white lacquer.
The methacrylate diffuser emits a very comfortable warm light.
Alpha simulates the reader's movements, as it swivels and swivels with 75º opening and 360º rotation, while also allowing you to generate indirect light at the same time.

Ideal as a spot near a bedside table.

Led 2700K CRI >90 199 lm 95 lm/W

Light source included


↙ 2700K
↙ 1 x Led/181,22lm
↙ CRI >90

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