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Designed for Vibia by Francisco Gomez Paz, the new Africa collection combines cultural significance, richness of shapes and materials, and high-performance lighting capabilities.
Characterized by a thin conical stem that culminates in a head with clean lines, the lamp invites you to reach out and grab it.

Africa promises to adapt to a wide range of uses and activities: accentuating a forgotten corner, generating a soft light during a romantic dinner or improving well-being in a meeting room.
Ideal for providing the right lighting during work activity, this lamp helps create a comfortable environment in a workspace, where productivity is essential.

To recharge the device, simply place the stem on a magnetized aluminum base, which fits seamlessly into the sculptural expression of the object.


↙ 2700K
↙ 1 x 4.5W LED
↙ 100–240V
↙ CRI 90

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